The disappearing wetlands of Dhaka

Shaheen Mollah reviews that, when he was a kid, products conveying water crafts used to come to Karwanbazar, a discount advertise at the focal point of the Dhaka city, through the Narai waterway. They for the most part conveyed vegetables and fish. He reviews these products used to travel by pontoon until the point that the 1980s, till the development of Rampura connect.

Presently there is no indication of the Narai waterway close Karwanbazar. The region where water crafts used to be moored – passing by Shaheen Mollah’s memory – demonstrates a small stream of sewage in a modest deplete. A multi-storeyed office working of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) remains over the region where the water crafts once came.

Mollah has lived around there all his life, and he demonstrated where a tremendous wetland, where individuals used to get angle, has been topped off and changed over into local locations.

As in the Karwanbazar zone, the vast majority of the channels of Dhaka city and its rural areas have been concealed, and every one of the wetlands bordering the waterways have been topped off, generally to house. Out of the 56 waterways that used to stream in Dhaka city, just 12 exist now.

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